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Welcome to Pista Bikes

Our Services

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Bike Servicing

Maintenance service for geared bike - adjust and tune gears, brakes, check steering, cranks, minor wheel true, pump tyres and tighten bolts                                          $ 100.00
or single speed bikes.  same as above                                      $ 60.00

Deluxe Service 

Same as above but also includes remove, clean and lubriate bottom bracket and steering bearings and lube of wheel bearings                                                         $ 180.00

Bike Wash

Had a hard ride in the rain  and mud?
Let us clean your bike and lube it for                                    $ 35.00


Repair flat tyre - standard bike                                                       $ 25.00 includes tube
                         - belt drive, complex or enclosed rear wheel         $ 35.00
                         - E Bike                                                                  $ 50.00
Replace spoke and true wheel                                                       $ 35.00 plus spoke ( $3 for std spoke) 



We need to talk, can be basic - get the bike going, to strip and go all the way.


Lets build a "one of" bike with you!
Bring in an old steel frame or choose one of ours
Sandblast and paint or powdercoat, 
outfit it with components, add flair - colours, trim, bits.
we add bits, you add bits, together it gets done.
Custpom builds of carbon road and gravel bikes.