Knog Blinder Arc 1.7

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Introducing the Knog Arc. 1.7 Front Light. This high powered, compact and modern light will guide you home in all weather conditions, flooding the road or cycle path ahead of you. With 170 Lumens you are not short of a solid light which will point out any on coming pot holes, rubbish or glass. Avoiding the road hazards, the Knog Blinder will also alert traffic around you, making yourself visible and noticeable. The sleek and good looking light fits on to your handle bars with ease and with one of the most efficient and effective mounting designs, this new double action locking mechanism, the super strong magnet and hook ensures that your Arc light will remain fastened to your bars at all times. Fits all handlebars between 25mm - 35mm, meaning you are able to swap between bikes, if needs be.

The Arc has 4 light modes, giving you the option of what light mode you feel will suit the conditions and depending on battery life. High beam, medium beam, low beam and flashing all use different amounts of power so you can find a suitable beam power for the amount of battery you have compared to the distance you have to travel. The High Beam runs at 170 Lumens, which is great for night riding in the city, lighting up the road ahead and picking up on any hazards in the road, glass, pot holes or anything else. The medium beam runs at 95 Lumens, which is perfect for cycling at dusk when the light is just going down. The lowest setting runs on 45 Lumens, constant or flashing, this is ideal for when you have forgotten to charge your Knog ARC as it uses minimal battery power. Overall this is a great front light to have if you are commuting to and from work a lot more often than not.