Shimano CM-2000 Sports camera

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Shimano has launched a new CM-2000 sports camera with ANT+ integration and data-linked recording that’s designed to make sure you shoot only the most interesting action.

It works with ANT+ cycling computers and sensors such as heart rate monitors, plus info from a Shimano Di2 electronic shift system, and it records data.

The camera, which you can mount on your handlebar, saddle rails or bike helmet, is waterproof to 30 meters and dustproof. It has a lens protector with a water repellent finish, the idea being that rain and spray will flow off rather than sitting on the lens and affecting the quality of your footage. It also has a blur-correction function that’s going to come in particularly handy if you use it off-road.

CM-2000 can also use the GPS data of your smartphone, communicating with it via Bluetooth. You can preset it to record a segment of your ride from one position to another.

The CM-2000 can be controlled via an iOS and Android Shimano Sport Camera smartphone app that allows you to view what’s being recorded in real time, so you can check that the footage is exactly what you want. It allows you to set the image quality, angle of view (90° up to 130°), white balance and exposure.

Shimano’s new Camera Editor app for both Windows and Mac, allows you to overlay ANT+ data on video – so you can have your speed, cadence, power, heart rate and the gear combination you’re using (taken from a Di2 system) on the screen alongside the action