The Service Deal Will Break Pista Bikes, They Can't Last

The way I see it, Pista Bikes can't survive doing the Service Deal they provide.

Every bike comes with TWO YEARS Free Service. That's not just a service every year, like some of the other shops do - they do a service every 3 months for free.

It's the Maintenance Service where they do the gears, the brakes, clean and lube the drive train, torque all the bolts and it usually costs $85.

So you get 8 of them, which would normally cost over $600 and the bike might only cost $700! So how can they survive?

They've had this service deal for nearly 10 years and I just can't see how they do it.

It's not like they charge any more for the bikes, accessories or parts.

Still, it does feel good to have a bike that's always running well and that you can trust.





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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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